Wasting Time and Money with Postage and Mailbox Trips

The post office is one of those places people go not because they want to, but because they have to.

Whether it’s to buy stamps, send a letter/package, or retrieve your own mail, your mission is probably to get in and out as quickly as possible.  There’s a certain amount of time, effort, and even money required to mail something.

Even if you can skip the post office, you still need to pay for postage.  Even if you use a mailbox to send mail, you need to physically bring your mail there.

When it comes to invoices and billing, you’re probably sending out a lot of mail.  Time spent printing receipts, obtaining signatures, sealing envelopes, and waiting for delivery adds up very fast.

On the financial side, postage and packaging costs are present with every piece of mail you send.

And, of course, you need to store a copy of everything you send out.

Why not cut out the postage costs?  Why not free schedule from post office trips? Wouldn’t it be better if clients and customers received their invoices immediately, rather than 2-3 days later?

With a digital invoicing system, you can do just that.

By switching to an electronic system, a contractor can scan all documents and forms, leaving them with a digital copy that’s permanently stored in your database.  This digital copy can be sent directly where it needs to with no waiting, no additional cost, and little effort.

In other words, almost all of the hassle is removed from the process.

Leaving the contractor with more time and lower costs.