Training for Timberline (Sage 300)

What good is advanced technology if you don’t know how to use it?

Back when I was in college, my school had a very advanced soundboard and audio system.  It was purchased due to the strong urging of one individual at the school.  Shortly after buying it, that individual parted ways with my school.

This left the university with a very powerful piece of equipment that no one really knew how to use.  With constantly advancing technology, some people get left in a cloud of confusion.

Sometimes technology has a learning curve.

A programmer can make something as user friendly and intuitive as possible, but most of the time, people are going to need a little instruction on how to use it.  However, if you’re being sold software by some reseller, they probably care more about selling you the product than they do teaching you how to use it.

We have a different philosophy here at DSG.

Yes, we do sell field service software and construction software, but we also have another specialty you might not know about.

We provide support for Timberline (Sage 300)

Timberline is a very popular and powerful product.  Since it’s built on the Microsoft Office platform, it’s familiar to most people who have used a computer.  However, because it’s so expansive, covering virtually every department in a given company, it can be a bit tricky to fully integrate.

We find that even if a company is using it, they might not be utilizing the full potential.

Do you find yourself frustrated with your software?  Maybe you’re doing it wrong.  Changing out to new software is a very costly and painful process.  Most people find it easier to simply bring us in, on site, and walk them through.

If you’re interested in getting support for Timberline, we would love to help.  We offer different options depending on your needs.  Just let us know.

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