The Future of Field Service

Most people don’t like to wait.  And when they have to wait, they like to know what progress is being made.  It’s why we have online shipment tracking.  It’s why restaurants have added real time order and delivery updates.

They’ve paid money.  They want progress.

Your clients are no different.  When they’ve paid for your services, they want to know when it will be finished.  They want to know what it’s costing.  They want to know where their parts are at.

Email and cellphones have provided a great way to keep in constant contact with customers, but it can be easy to forget sending that update email.  Not to mention updating your clients on every single action that happens can be exhausting.

But that’s what some of your clients want.  They want to be in the loop.  They want to be able to pull out their phone and see what’s happening.  Thankfully, that’s something that’s become a lot easier to do.

What the Future of Field Service Looks Like

People are always asking us what the future of field service is.  The answer?

Real-time client interaction.

Imagine not having to manually email updates to your clients because you’re software does it automatically.  In addition, you can set up client portals where they can access their information at any time from anywhere.

Suddenly, customer management isn’t an all consuming job that someone has to do.  Instead, it’s practically done for you.  Not only does it make your job easier, but it’s what your clients want.

Your clients want to know what’s happening. 

In fact, there are larger contracts that won’t except bids from companies who can’t provide this kind of access.  That’s something that’s only going to become more common.  Real time progress updates won’t be the wave of the future for long.

Soon, they will be part of the present.  They will be the expectation.  Don’t get left behind.

See it for Yourself

With TechAnywhere, you can keep your clients in the loop at all times.  Not only will this benefit current clients, but it will increase your odds of acquiring future clients.  Try a free demo today!  Just fill out the form to the right, and we’ll give you a glimpse of the future of field service.