Tablets for Specialty Contractors

Tablets have been around for a lot longer than people realize.  In fact, it was a Microsoft product from 2001 that coined the term table.

However, it wasn’t until the Apple introduced the iPad in 2010 that the tablet market truly entered mainstream.

Ever since the meteoric rise of that electronic device, just about every computer and electronics manufacturer has thrown a hat into the ring, attempted to make the next “must-have” tablet.  Yet, despite millions of tablets sold each month, many still question if anyone actually needs a tablet.

Between laptops, desktops, and the amazing smartphones we now have, what place can a tablet fill?

While many consumers (and even businesses) buy tablets just for the sake of having  a tablet, we like to think this device can be a great tool for people in the right field.  For example, specialty contractors.

Why Tablets Are Great for Specialty Contractors

Smartphones are great for checking email, looking up information, using some apps, and of course, calling or texting.  But when you’re trying to do work, the screen is a bit small.  However, laptops, while versatile and overall portable, can be cumbersome to haul around from site to site.

The more powerful the laptop is, the worse the battery tends to be.  Having to constantly find a power source defeats the purpose of a portable laptop.  Unfortunately, the more portable and efficient it is, the more money it will probably cost.

Also, regardless of power or battery life, you’ll typically have to find a place to set your laptop to use it.  When you’re working on site, it’s nice if you can simply carry something around.

This is why a tablet is so great.  With a tablet you get:

-Full sized screen

-Great Battery

-Adequate Hardware

-Amazing Portability

Essentially, a tablet is a computer you can hold with one hand and don’t have to charge frequently.

And Companies Are Quickly Realizing the Value

While most tablets won’t replace a computer for you, they work amazing well as an extension of one.  Software suites for contractors typically have mobile applications that operate on tablets, connecting you to your work database while you’re on the go.

It’s important to note that different apps and programs can sometimes only run on certain types of tablets.  For example, SAM Pro‘s mobile software runs on Android operating systems.

Stay tuned for more on the different types of tablets available and what benefits they offer.

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