The Right Tools: Tablets for Contractors (Part 2)

Continuing our series on cutting edge technology for contractors who work on-site, we will be highlighting a few more tablet options for you to consider.

If you’re wondering how a contractor can benefit from a work tablet, read this article here. To see part one of our list, click here.

As we’ve said before, since the TechAnywhere App runs on Android, we’re focusing specifically on those tablets.

Great Tablet Choices

galaxy note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Not to be confused with the Galaxy Note phone, the Note 10.1 is a 10 inch tablet from Samsung.  It has great speed, a beautiful screen, and sleek design you would expect from the Samsung Galaxy line.  On top of that, it has a built in stylus for people who don’t like to write with their finger.

Why Should I Get It?

In case you didn’t know, the Samsung phones are neck and neck with the iPhone for most popular phones in the world.  This is due in large part to their Galaxy product line which this tablet is an extension of.

Known for great performance and a user friendly design, the Note 10.1 is “designed for humans” as Samsung says.  While the screen isn’t quite as sharp as ASUS’s latest offerings nor is the processor as fast, it has more than enough power to handle your tablet needs.

The Selling Point

First, if you have either the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 phone, this tablet’s set up is virtually identical.  That means no additional learning curve and you stay within Samsung’s mobile ecosystem.

However, the most unique feature of the Note 10.1 is the stylus.  Designed specifically for this tablet, the stylus has built in interactivity with the tablet itself, allowing for superior control and the precise interaction you’d expect from a pen and paper.

Simply put, if you want the ability to “write” on your tablet, this is the best choice.  These tablets start at around $400.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire HDThe Kindle may have started as a simple digital book reader, but in the past few years it’s transformed into one of the most popular tablets on the market.  With the introduction of the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon showed that it taking the idea of being a tablet seriously.

Why Should I Get It?

One reason behind the popularity of the Kindle Fire is that it’s seen as an entry level tablet.  As far as quality vs. price goes, it might be the best deal of any tablet.  It’s certainly one of the cheapest tablets you’ll find.

But that comes at a cost.  While it’s a well made, smooth operating tablet, it lacks power.  It’s great for book reading and web browsing and it can run should run the TechAnywhere app fine, but don’t expect great speeds.

Also they don’t get any bigger than an 8 in. screen.

If you’re going to get one for tablet purposes, go with the Kindle Fire HD.  The screen is considerably the better, the processor is faster, and you get the experience you would expect out of a tablet.

Big Selling Point?

Truthfully there’s nothing that really sets the Kindle Fire apart from the competition.  It’s very comparable to the Nexus 7, both in specs and in price.  The main motivator behind it’s success is both the Amazon and Kindle name.

Yes, you can read books on it but you can install the Kindle app on any tablet or phone and get the exact same functionality.  If you want a smaller, cheaper tablet that’s trusted but millions of people, the Kindle Fire HD is a good choice.

Is That It?

Are there other tablets out there?

Yes, there are many other brands of tablets as well as more models from the manufacturers we’ve mentioned.  However, these are generally considered to be the best.

Lenova and Acer both have tablets that are decent, but you’d probably be better off going with some version of the four tablets we have discussed.  If some of these seem too pricey for you, check out the previous models from the year before.

Just be careful about buying older tablets.  Sometimes support stops for them and you’re left with an outdated Android system.

If you’re not sure about the Android system, and you consider yourself more of a Windows guy, don’t worry.  We’ve actually made a breakdown of portable devices that operate on Windows here.

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