Sam Pro

SAM Pro Enterprise is a business-wide service management software solution that enables the streamlining of your business by reducing operating costs and improving efficiency from the field to the office.

From wireless field service software to accounting software, SAM Pro Enterprise’s end-to-end integration allows firms that need maintenance management and service management software the ability to automate and streamline – all while reducing management costs and increasing revenues.

With SAM Pro, a business can simply operate better.  Capabilities include:

Field Service Management

Handle service scheduling and dispatch so your business is always on task.  SAM Pro doesn’t stop when your work leaves the office.  On site technicians stay connected thanks to Sam Pro’s TechAnywhere and Interactive Voice Response capabilities.

Enterprise Automation Software

SAM Pro exists to make your business run smoother and more efficiently   As business grows, SAM Pro grows with it using Escalation Manager Software.  When the work flow changes or increases, SAM Pro reacts accordingly, freeing you from the constant burden of monitoring and updating your business schedule.

Accounting Software

It’s always good to know where your money is going.  SAM Pro’s Accounting capabilities might be the most important factor in increasing profitability.  Job Costing allows you to track what your expenses are across the board and what areas of your business are profitable.

Detailed reports can be generated automatically if needed and sent out wherever they need to go.  With SAM Pro’s accounting technology, managing budgets, labor, subcontractors, and billing has never been simpler.

CRM Software

SAM Pro isn’t just good for you, it’s good for your clients.  With some powerful Customer Relationship Management abilities, SAM Pro keeps everyone in the loop, whether it’s progress reports and final billing.

No matter where you’re working from, SAM Pro keeps you connect to the customer and your work database.

Rule Based Management

Much of SAM Pro’s runs around it’s signature Rule Based Management (RBM) technology.  This allows the software to react instinctively based on rules and guidelines you set yourself.

That way, when you’re off the clock, SAM Pro remains on duty, saving you considerable time and allowing your business to practically run itself.