Is Time Tracking Making Your Job Harder?


It’s amazing how quickly something can be forgotten.

Many foreman enter work hours at the end of the week (sometimes at the end of the pay period).  That means someone has to sit down and create one singular time sheet.

This is then taken by an accountant and entered into payroll, which means that data is being taken down twice, leaving you with a double-data entry problem.

Not only are you wasting time, but you’ve increased the chance of human error.  If someone’s hours get skipped or entered incorrectly, they could lose money on their very paycheck.

And trying to fix a data entry error after payroll has gone out can lead to all sorts of additional problems.

Simply put, end of the week time collection is not a very efficient use of time.

Instead, why not record and track the time on a day-to-day basis?  With remote time capturing, a foreman can enter everyone’s timesheets each work day.

This means less is forgotten, double entry is eliminated, and labor cost is always current with the day.

Saving Time. Improving Accuracy.

With the mobile capabilities of software like TechAnywhere, hours can be recorded from wherever you.  Simply enter them into a phone or tablet and those hours are placed directly into your central system.

That leaves you with a much more efficient and accurate account of labor hours.

See How Much Easier Life Can Be

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