Is it Time to Upgrade Your Service Software?

Remember your first car?

For most people, their first car isn’t anything special.  But it has four wheels, runs (most of the time), and it gets them to where they’re going.  For someone who’s just started driving, that’s all they need.

Eventually though, their needs outgrow that first car.

A person needs to know their car is going to start so that they can get to work on time.  Maybe they need something that gets really good gas mileage.  Or a vehicle that can fit a family.  Or something with four-wheel drive.

Suddenly they realize that their first car, which was great for it’s time, just doesn’t cut it anymore.  They have more at stake.  They have larger requirements.  They realize it’s time for an upgrade.

When you work in the field service industry, the same thing will happen with your software.  Sooner or later, the software you started with isn’t going to cut it anymore.  How do you know when that time comes?

Here are a few signs…

Signs that It’s Time to Upgrade

1. Slow Billing

Do you find the billing process to be a hassle?  Are you unable to send digital invoices?  Are you using multiple programs just so you can generate a bill and receipt?  If so, it might be time for an upgrade.

Modern software can generate bills on the spot from a mobile device, allowing you to email or text a copy immediately while leaving you with the option to still print it off later.

2. Double Entry

Find yourself entering the same set of data more than once?  That’s no good.  Double data entry leads to a loss of time and a big increase in human error.

With the right software, you can input data from the field and have your database updated automatically.

3. Lack of Integration

Are you pulling information from multiple sources?  Does your email and client communication happen outside of your service software?  Is your accounting and payroll separated from your scheduling and management software?

Why not unify everything into one centralized program?

4. Poor Communication

If you have communication issues between your offices and your field techs, it’s easy to assume that it’s a problem with your workers.  But the truth is, the fault could be in your software.

Outdated or underpowered software is usually limited to one department, leaving everyone else out of the loop.

Looking to Upgrade?

If you find yourself to be a victim of the problems listed above, it’s time for an upgrade.  TechAnywhere offers state of the art field service capabilities, allowing your techs to stay in constant contact while in the field.

With TechAnywhere, they can update and access important information as needed, as well as generate reports, bills, and quotes on the spot.  Sign up for a free demo today and see what modern software looks like!

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