HVAC Technician Safety

HVAC Safety

With any contractor work, safety is very important.  Many contractors are constantly surrounded by electrical equipment, pressurized piping, and hot surfaces.  To keep out of harms way, it’s best to follow certain precautions.

Each field of contracting comes with it’s own unique risks.  Today, we want to talk about safety for HVAC contractors.

By keeping safe, HVAC technicians project themselves, their equipment, and their clients.

Safety Tips for HVAC Technician

1. Mind Your Surroundings

If you’re doing work on site, make sure the people around you know that you’re working.  Put up signs or cones when necessary.  Be mindful of doorways.

Also be courteous to people who are working around you.  Don’t leave objects setting on stairways.  Clean up any mess you make.  All of this contributes to a safe (and happier) work environment.

2. Use Your Equipment Properly

Only use tools for their intended purpose.  Don’t climb too high on your ladders.  If you’re using a metal ladder, keep it a safe distance away from electrical lines.  Speaking of electricity, make sure to use non-conductive tools.

It sounds like common sense, but in the moment, it can be easy to let the small things slip your mind.

3. When You Can, Turn it Off

If you’re replacing fuses or moving wires, always turn the power off first.  Flipping a breaker is simple, fast, and can save you from a lot of pain.

In a similar fashion, make sure to turn off the water if needed.  You’re less likely to run into this scenario, but there may come a time when you need to do it.

4. Protect Yourself

Whether it’s a large job or a small job, an HVAC tech needs to make sure to protect their person.  Wear your safety glasses.  When working with electricity, put your gloves on.  If you’re on your knees a lot, make sure you have kneepads.

Also be mindful of loose hair/clothing.

5. Be Prepared

The best way to stay safe is to be prepared for whatever situation you’re facing.  Know what you have to do before you arrive on site.  Make sure you have the equipment you need ahead of time.  Keep on top of your schedule.

If you find yourself struggling to prepare in advance, you may want to consider HVAC software to handle the job prep duties.

Never undervalue safety.  Accidents do happen, but when the proper techniques are followed, the chances of them happening are significantly reduced.

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