How Timberline Office Became Sage 300 CRE

Did you ever have a friend who changed their name.

Their entire life, they went by their middle name, and then suddenly, they decide they want everyone to call them by their first name.  Or something like that.

The point  is, name changes can be confusing, especially when you’re used to the old name.  But in the corporate world where branding is crucial, it’s sometimes necessary for change to happen.

It Starts with a Buyout

In 2003, the Sage Group, a global software company based in the UK, purchased US based Timberline Software for about $20 million.  Timberline’s most well known product was Timberline Office, a construction management software suite.

After the takeover, it was initially called Sage Timberline Office.  However, as Sage restructured its branding and product line so it was more cohesive and easier to decipher, the name was changed to Sage 300: Construction and Real Estate.

But It’s Hard to Change What People Know

Despite the new ownership and complete rebranding, Timberline Office was such an industry standard that many (if not most) industry vets still call it Timberline.  This has led to mild confusion for people new to the field of construction and real estate.

This is why even Sage lists it as “Sage 300 CRE: Formerly Known as Timberline Office” on its website.  Because that’s what many people are still looking for.

So Why Change the Name

Many of us will never know what it’s like to sit in the CEO chair at a large corporation.  Ultimately, they see a much larger picture than the rest of us see.  As you’re trying to create a company identity, you need to make sure all the parts of your company line up with your vision.

Having the “Timberline” name listed after Sage creates an identity crisis.  At the same time, quickly tossing out the old name can leave you with a product people might love, but they don’t actually know what it is.

The best you can do is a slow transition which is what Sage seems to be doing.  Their new naming system actually makes a lot of sense.  Since they offer such many different software products for different sized companies, they went with a numbering system going with Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage 500.

What happened to the numbers in between?  Who knows?  Maybe they’re leaving those spots open for future products.

The Important Thing is This:

Sage 300 CRE is the same great product that Timberline Office was.  Sage 300 is used by more people than Timberline Office ever was because of the resources Sage was able to give it.  If you’re worried about getting a lesser product, don’t.

Sage 300 has everything you could need.  And in case you didn’t know, we provide in house training for it.

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