How Do I Become a Field Technician?

Do you like to work out of an office?  Are you interested in the prospect of driving site to site, working with your customers in their home or place of business?  Do you enjoy fixing things and understanding how they work?

If so, then being a field technician is the perfect opportunity for you.  A field technician (or simply ‘tech’) is a specialty contractor who works on site.  There are many different types of field techs, from HVAC contractors to electricians.

Typically they are trained in their specific line of work.  Still, even though the work might vary, the process of becoming a field technician is more or less than same for each type.

Becoming a Field Technician

As we said, field technician certification can vary depending on what you want to do.  The process can also change from state to state.  Below is a general guideline that will help you along your way, regardless of the field you’re entering or the state you live in.

Earn High School Degree or GED

To be a field technician, you need to finish your high school education.  Maybe you can sneak around it and still get certified and employed, but it will make your life much easier if you simply finish high school or pass a GED exam.

What About College?

While post-secondary education isn’t required to become a field tech, it can help, particularly in more abstract specialties.  If you’re really serious about being a successful field tech, we would encourage at least investing a college or technical degree.

Experience and Certification

Many field technician jobs are entry level, meaning that little to no experience is required.  These positions typically offer on the job training, allowing new employees to both gain experience and learn their craft at the same time.

Once a field technician has enough experience or training, they can become certified in their field.  Certification is done by different organizations depending on what your specialty is, who you work for, and where you work.

Certified field techs typically have much greater opportunities and are paid more because of their knowledge and skill.

Possibilities for a Field Technician

There are a lot of possibilities available to a field technician.  Many large companies employ numerous technicians to serve their client areas.  Alternatively, some field technicians operate independently, acting as their own enterprise.

Wherever you end up, you can expect to be using field service software such as SAM Pro enterprise to manage your schedules, clients, inventory, and more.  If you’re not especially computer savvy, it might not hurt to brush up your knowledge a little bit.

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