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Over the course of this year, we’ve talked about various Android tablets that would be great for specialty contractors.  Since Sam Pro Enterprise’s TechAnywhere app runs on the Android operating system, there are a number of Android tablets that can more than do the job.  Otherwise an Android phone would work great too.

But a true software suite like Sam Pro Enterprise, you need something that runs a full version of Windows.

The TechAnywhere app is a great tool for many contractors out there, but for people wanting (or needing) the full field service software that Sam Pro Enterprise offers, a Windows based device is needed.

What Version of Windows Do I Need?

Like any software that’s been around for a while, there are many versions of Windows.  The newest is Windows 8, however the most popular version is Windows 7.  Close behind Windows 7 is Windows XP which has managed to stay very popular for more than a decade.

In addition to these versions, there is also Windows Vista which aesthetically is very similar to Windows 7, but not quite as fluid.  It’s known for being a bit of a “resource hog”.

In terms of compatibility, Sam Pro Enterprise is designed to operate just fine with any of these versions of Windows.  A few quick warnings though.

Windows 8 is a Little Different

In terms of infrastructure and capabilities, Windows 8 is very similar to Windows 7.  However, Windows 8 replaces the famous “Start” button with a “start screen”, showing all your programs and applications on a page of tiles.  It takes a little getting used to, but once you get past that, it operates faster and is simply cleaner overall.

Still, you might want to try about Windows 8 in a store before you commit to it.

Windows XP is Going Away

Though Windows XP is still very popular across the globe, the fact remains that the OS is 12 years old.  In an attempt to move forward, Microsoft is discontinuing support of Windows XP,  no longer providing updates, support, etc.

This doesn’t affect how Sam Pro runs on Windows XP, but it could affect how Windows XP runs on your computer.

Avoid Windows RT

Windows RT is a pseudo-OS that was developed specifically for casual tablets.  Windows RT looks and acts a lot like Windows 8 except that you cannot actually install programs on to it.  Instead, you are limited to apps you download in the Windows app store.

With a Windows RT device, you will not be able to run Sam Pro Enterprise.

What Device Should I Get?

That is a question we will get to in a future post.  There are many powerful and portable Windows devices perfectly suited for the needs of a specialty contractor.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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