Building the Right Foundation with Automation Software

The Tower of Pisa is one of Italy’s most renowned pieces of architecture.  This isn’t because of it’s beautiful gothic architecture nor is it because of the storied history it has passed through.  While these do contribute to its fame, the main cause for this cathedral’s worldwide spotlight is the fact that it’s crooked.

Standing a bit over 180 ft high, the Tower of Pisa (better known as the “Leaning” Tower of Pisa) goes up at an angle of about 4 degrees, giving it a quite distinct tilted appearance.

enterprise automation software

This is a problem that began in 1178 during the tower’s construction.  The builders were only on the second floor when the tower began to shift to one side.  The problem was the foundation.

It wasn’t that the workers were doing a poor job or that the architecture was bad.  The problem was the base was narrow and set on weak soil which hadn’t fully settled

Because all the labor began with something that was mediocre at best, the entire operation was affected.

And Your Business is No Different

In today’s service industry, businesses are built around their technology and software.  It’s your tools. It’s the foundation of your work.  If it’s inadequate, it could cause the whole business to shift in the wrong direction.

Eventually, your entire business could topple.

That’s what makes enterprise automation software like Sam Pro Enterprise so necessary.  It keeps your business upright and on task.  It affects (either directly or indirectly) all facets of your business, making sure the work stays on course and the job gets done correctly.

Not to mention faster.

Enterprise automation software is a fully comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to proactively manage operations from the ground up.  Update schedules, execute reports and actions all while staying in constant communication with clients, managers, vendors, and more.

It is the Foundation to Build Your Business On

For the people building the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it was deemed too late to turn back on start over.  Ever since it’s construction, extra work has been done to compensate for its fundamental error.  The result has been considerable amounts of extra work and money.  Even today they have to adjust and monitor it so it doesn’t fall apart.

For your business, however, it’s not too late to change.  You can start over with the best enterprise automation software out there.  Sam Pro will save you time, effort, and money all while making sure your business doesn’t go crooked.

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