Better Customer Service with Timberline Service Management

Every day the world becomes a little more connected.

Internet continues to grow faster.  Mobile is rapidly filling in the small spaces it doesn’t yet cover.  And people’s lives are becoming considerably more transparent.

With this, the customer experience is being broadcast for all to hear.  Never has the customer been more “right” than now.  Never has customer service been so crucial.

timberline service management

Another satisfied customer

And that’s why many companies today are saying customer service is the most important thing.  They’re employing all sorts of tactics to increase the customer and client experience.  Thankfully, today’s technology makes it considerably easier to communicate with the customer.

Technology like Timberline Service Management

Meeting Your Customer’s Needs

With Timberline Service Management (also known as Sage 300), you can keep in constant flow not just with the customer, but with technicians, sub-contractors, suppliers, and more.  With everything working smoothly, your clients are left happy and your work gets done on time.

Think of what makes a customer or client the most unhappy: Poor execution, lack of communication, waiting and delays, and false promises.

Timberline Service Management can control inventory, send out important messages, track start and end times, carry out purchase orders, and manage responsibilities.  Basically it keeps you on task and makes sure you get the work done that you set out to do.

In the end, you’re left with a great finished project that’s completed on time, on or under budget, for a very satisfied customer.

Great customer service doesn’t have to be difficult.  You just have to commit to it.  Or at least commit to a great product like Timberline Service Management.

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