A Specialty Contractor’s Biggest Mistake

Everyone makes a mistake sooner or later.

It happens.

But nothing is worse than a mistake that can easily be avoided.  When you’re a contractor, documentation is very important.  It’s how you show what you’ve done.  It’s the basis of your billing.  If further issues arrive in the future, one of the first things that’s checked is the past documentation.

Yet many contractors forget to properly document.

Maybe they were in a hurry, or they didn’t think it was important at the time or they meant to write something down later.  Whatever the reason might be, when you reach the end of a job and you discover that something wasn’t properly documented, it can be difficult to go back and remember exactly what happened, how it happened, and when it happened.

The best way to track your work is always to track it while you’re doing it.  And the best way to guarantee that happens is to make work documentation as simple as possible.  For that, you need the right tools.

Preventing Mistakes

With modern mobile software capabilities, field service agents can easily document their work from start to finish.  They can update work orders, manage inventory, and easily take before and after photos are all stored in one place.

Not only is everything documented, but it’s kept together so that it can easily be found when it’s needed again.  Don’t repeat the same mistakes as other contractors.  Make sure your work gets documented.


See How it’s Done

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