5 Great Apps for Contractors

Some of our most popular posts on this blog have to do with tablets for contractors.

We think that’s a pretty clear indicator that tablets are a big deal in the construction world.  The percentage of companies that use them is skyrocketing.  Soon, tablets won’t be optional for contractors.

If you want to get ahead in contruction and contracting right now, you need a tablet.

If you already have a tablet, you need to make the most of it.  And we’re here to help you do that.  Below is a list of some great apps that almost any contractor will find to be very handy.

Great Apps for Contractors

1. Smart Ruler – Free

For contractors, carpenters, and construction workers, it’s always embarrasing to be caught without a tape measure on hand.  With an app like Smart Ruler, you can make sure that doesn’t happen again (so long as you have your phone).

The idea of using your phone to measure length might sound a bit awkward, but the app itself is very intuative.  In addition to measuring the width and height of smaller object, the app also features a protractor, level, and tape measure capabilities.  It can even integrates with your camera!

2. Concrete Calculator – $.99

Virtually every modern phone has some sort of calculator app.  But what if you want to calculate concrete costs based on length, width, and thickness of an area?  This little app makes it really easy to estimate a quick concrete project on the fly.

In addition to this app, there are a number of different calculators that can help you with other tasks.

3. AutoCAD 360 – Free

Want to view, edit, or create 2D and 3D designs and drafts from your phone?  You can do just that with the AutoCAD 360 app.  This app makes it easy to access your files, view them, make notes and changes, and do just about everything you need to do.

If you use Autodesk products, you owe it to yourself to get this app.  After all, it’s free!

4. Some Sort of Note Taking App

If you are currently without a dedicate note taking app on your phone, you should really change that.  Having a note app means never having to forget a quick thought or piece of information.  One of the most popular is Evernote.

For Samsung users, your device should come with S-Note installed.

5. TechAnywhere

TechAnywhere is an app designed by Data Basics, the creators of SAM Pro Enterprise.  TechAnywhere integrates seamlessly with your construction management software, allowing you to access your entire database and inventory from the palm of your hand.  For more information on this app, visit the TechAnywhere page on the menu above.

What’s your favorite app? Are there any good ones that we missed?

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