The Reason Why You’re Running Out of Supplies

A tech heads out for a quick and easy job.  Upon arriving, they realize they’re out of the materials needed.  Now, they have to leave the site and run to the store.  Once at the store, they have to pay more than a properly ordered part would cost.  Finally, they return to the job site and finish what should have been a very quick job.

Instead, it took them about three times longer than it should have.

That adds up to be a very expensive job.  When schedules are busy, and you’re trying to lock down a budget, the last thing you need is to have one of your techs running errands.

It’s important to keep your service trucks stocked and your inventory full, but it’s so easy to forget or overlook the need for smaller parts and pieces.  There’s a reason why you’re running out of those important parts and supplies.  One side is doing the ordering, the other side is doing the using, and they simply aren’t communicating effectively.

Not only is this type of inventory tracking and updating risky, but it’s slow and laborious too.

Wouldn’t it be better if your inventory was handled automatically?  No more forgetting to order parts.  No more techs heading to the store while on the clock.

With a centralized purchasing and inventory management system, you can cut out a significant amount of lost time.  All of your materials are tracked in one place.  When an item is used, the system removes it.  When you’re running low, it alerts you.

Or you can set it to automatically order more.

Whatever your preference is, you can rest assured that your techs have what they need, and the short and easy jobs stay short and easy.

See How It’s Done

A lot of systems struggle with inventory ordering and management.  Our’s isn’t one of them.  To see it in action, watch the video below.

Want to check it out for yourself? Just fill our the form on the right, and we can set you up with a free demo.  From there, you can see just how easy it is to track and update your inventory on the go.

Just imagine never running out of important parts again.