The Cost of Lost Invoices and Signatures

Without an authorized signature, an invoice isn’t worth anything.  You can’t bill a client for something they didn’t sign off on.

Many techs have their clients sign off on POs and invoices on site.  If that original copy is lost, the tech has to capture the signature again.  If the PO isn’t ready on site, the tech has to go to the office, generate the PO, and bring it back to the client for a signature.

Sometimes orders change.  Or they were entered incorrectly.  Or the signed copy is lost.

All of this result in lost time, and ultimately, lost revenue.  The best way to get a signature is to do it on site when the job is done.  The only way to make sure the payment info is accurate is to generate a PO on the spot.

With onsite purchase order generation, up to date and accurate invoices are created instantly.  That way, a tech knows that they’re accurate and include ALL costs.  And the client can sign off on them right away.

The signature can be made digitally so that it’s stored in your database, protecting it from being lost amongst the shuffle of documents.

No more lost signatures.

No more inaccurate billing.

Get Your Purchase Orders and Signatures on the Spot!

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