Leave Double Data Entry in the Past Where it Belongs

Every time data is entered, there’s a chance for error.

A missed key.  The wrong number.

Small mistakes are easy to overlook.  Put enough numbers on a screen and everything begins to look the same.  The more times you have to enter a set of data, the more likely it is that an error will be made.

Data errors can have serious consequences that result in lost time and money.

That’s why so many contractors are working hard to eliminate double data entry.  After all, why should you have to enter the same information more than once?  What’s the pointing of storing data in different places?

Your work is done onsite.  Why not enter all of your data while on site?

Enter Your Data Just Once.  From Wherever You Are.

With a mobile app, data can be viewed and adjusted in real time from a tablet or smartphone.  That means you can enter your data as you go.  Once it’s entered, it’s stored in your central database.

No need to pay someone to type it into a computer later.  It’s already there.

That’s money and time saved.  Not to mention a big reduction in human error.  The question is, why would you keep bothering with double data entry if you didn’t have to?

You Don’t Have to Deal with Double Entry Anymore

With the TechAnywhere app, double entry becomes a thing of the past.  With TechAnywhere, you can:

    • – Real Time Data Entry
    • – Manage Orders
    • – Monitor Inventory
    • – And More

But you don’t just have to take our word on it.  To see it in action, watch the video below.  Or get your own free demo by filling out the form to the right!