Business Management Made Better with GPS


It’s important to know where your techs are.

The only way to do that is with GPS integration.  With GPS integration, you can help keep your techs on course.  If they run into a situation, you know exactly where to go to help them out.  Not only does it give you piece of mind in knowing that everything is where it should be, but it also enables you to better serve your customers.

Let’s say an emergency arises.  With GPS integration, you can identify the closest tech and send them over.

And thanks to those same GPS features, you can capture signatures in real-time, automatically storing them in your records.  In addition to capturing them, they are time stamped and their location is marked so you know when and where the service was completed.

Basically, if you’re a business that constantly works on-site with multiple workers in the field at the same time, GPS integration is a must have feature.  It allows you to keep track of your workload at all times.

Your company is like a machine, and for a machine to operate correctly, all of it’s pieces need to be in their proper place, working together.  Take control of your business.  Get synced up with GPS functionality.

GPS Integration and Signature Capture with TechAnywhere

With the TechAnywhere app, GPS tracking and signature capturing is built directly into your database software, tying your entire business together through mobile integration.  With TechAnywhere, you can weild the full power of your ERP software in the palm of your hand.

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