Are You Losing Money by Not Delivering Quotes On-Site?

Imagine you’re out on a service call to fix some equipment.

After some careful inspection, you deduce that a replacement part is needed.  The problem is, the part you need is quite expensive.  In fact, you believe the customer might be better off replacing the unit altogether.  Of course, this is the last thing a customer generally wants to hear.

And what’s worse is they might not fully believe you.

In instances like this, customers want to know exactly what they need and exactly how much it will cost.  They want a quote, and a quote is only as good as the data it’s based off of.  For many, this requires them to head back to the office, check their database, look at their inventory, form their estimate, send it to the client, and wait for a response.  You might even need to get a sales rep involved.

That’s time you could have spent doing other work, not to mention you might have lost out on a great opportunity to up sell.

The truth is, the best time to give a quote is right on the spot when the need is discovered.

Accurate Quotes, Automatically Integrated

With a tool like TechAnywhere, your database can be asked from your phone or tablet device.  This allows you to check your current inventory, compare costs, and generate a quote right on the spot.  You can even instantly email their options directly to them.

By the time you leave the site, half of the work is done, saving both you and your client some serious time and money.

See It in Action

Click the video below to watch how simple it is to check current inventory and make orders on the fly with TechAnywhere.