Keep Your End of the Month Reports Simple

There’s a reason why you never see movie characters filling out reports.

Paperwork is what happens after the action and excitement is over.  Compiling all of the work you just finished into a coherent and accurate report can be a hassle.  Especially when the job info is scattered around.

Or if multiple sets of data don’t line up.  Maybe you discover a project is completely behind because it wasn’t kept on schedule.  You’re ready to move on to the next workloads, but the reports need to come first.

That means when problems arise, they need to be fixed fast.

You probably won’t have time to fix workflow issues while also trying to verify reporting issues.  But the truth is, end of the month reports shouldn’t be difficult.  They shouldn’t take much time or effort at all.

If everything is in order, they should almost create and send themselves, right?

When your reporting system is integrated with the rest of your management software, they practically do.  With integrated data management and reporting, service companies’ projects are monitored as they go.

If something gets off schedule, you’re notified ahead of time so that you can react accordingly.  If costs are off and the budget is wrong, automated processes can be put in place so that the proper over/under adjustments are made.

By the time the accounting period comes around, information is accurate, in place, and ready to be exported.  The same goes for year-end reports.

Why deal with the hassle and confusion of manual reporting when it can be done as you go?

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