5 Ways to Provide Better Field Service

Zappos, the go-to place for online shoe shopping was built on a simple premise: providing superior customer service.

Yes, they offered great shoes at competitive prices.  They had a very functional website that made it simple to buy shoes online.  But what pushed their business to the forefront, what they built their very legacy on was providing the best customer service there is.

They even wrote a book about it.

And in 2009, Zappos was purchased by Amazon.com in a deal worth over $1 billion.  All because of great service.  Businesses can’t undervalue customer service.  After all, if it wasn’t for your customer, you wouldn’t have anyone to provide services for.

So, if you want to see your field service business grow and advance, provide better service.  Starting now.  Here are some tips:

1. Know Your Customer’s Equipment Better than they Do

By knowing the customer’s equipment, you know what it needs, and what’s already been done.  You can track it’s history, allowing you to better identify issues and better predict its future needs.

Why would a customer want to hire someone who knows less about the equipment than they do?  You’re supposed to be the expert.  That starts when knowing your customers equipment.

2. Utilize Email and Texting to Improve Customer Communication

The key to any successful relationship is communication.  It’s true in friendship.  It’s true in marriage.  And it’s true in your business dealings with clients.  Texts and emails are great modern tools that allow you to keep in near constant contact with your customers, making sure that they are updated with all important information.

A customer that’s in-the-know, is a happy customer.

The tools also allow customers to communicate back to you, giving them the ability to have their questions and concerns answered.  Everyone wins.

3. Email Receipts

Much of the business world is going digital.  Many of your clients might not want paper copies of the work you did.  You also might not have the means to print off receipts on site, meaning you have to track down a desktop computer, print a receipt, and sent it in the mail.

Why not just email the receipt immediately after the work is done?

4. Provide Quotes Onsite

If a customers equipment is down or malfunctioning, they want it fixed right away.  And they’ll want to know how much it’s going to cost them.

For decades, service agents have had to go on site, survey the situation, and then head back to the office and build up an estimate.  By creating quotes onsite, you significantly speed up the maintenance process, leaving your clients happy and you with more time to tend to other clients.

5. Centralize Purchasing

If your clients are purchasing large volumes of parts, they want the best prices.  If you integrate field service requests with the inventory side of your business, you can find the best prices and place the orders immediately, saving your client money and saving your managers a lot of time.

How Can I Make These Tips a Reality?

To provide the best customer service, you need capable software.  TechAnywhere is a mobile application for field service agents that allows them to provide superior customer service in the field.

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